Liz Kettle | Director 

Liz Kettle is a mixed media textile artist living in Colorado. Liz began her explorations in fabric by following a traditional approach to embroidery and quilting. After filling her tool box with the skills needed for success in the traditional arena she began to delve into the world of art where she discovered freedom of expression. Liz is author of First Time Beading on Fabric and Know Your Needles. She is co-author of 3 books: Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond, Threads: The Basics and Beyond and Stitch Journeys. Liz has articles published in Quilter’s Home, Quilting Arts, Quilting Arts In Stitches and Cloth Paper Scissors Studios. She has also appeared in the PBS show Quilting Arts TV. She is happiest with a bit of fabric and her needle threaded and ready to stitch.



Nichole is a self-taught textile artist and has considered Colorado her home for almost two decades. She enjoys tending to her chickens and medicinal flower garden when she doesn’t have a knitting project monopolizing her hands. In 2008 she launched “Nikki Stitch!” and began selling high quality wool wares, spurring a mission to educate locals as to how their clothes are made. She processes her own raw wool from the farm and cards, dyes, and spins in into yarn. In 2014 she started a thriving weekly Stitch n' Bitch group. She is currently enrolled in the Master Knitter program of the Knitter’s Guild of America.

Tess Murdoch | Founder + Marketing 

Tess comes from a multi-layered education in the arts. From sustainably-centric textiles to drawing + painting, she has many years of experience in both fields. She helps behind the scenes in many ways for Textiles West and looks forward to exploring her new home in the state of Colorado.  


Susan Haldeman | Associate-Director 

Besides helping mold and guide the direction of Textiles West, Susan is also a textile artist and partner at New Hue Textile Studio. She brings over twenty years of experience as an innovative businesswoman and artist. Susan has a crazy love for textiles and is passionate about connecting its vast community locally and abroad. 

Laurie longberry | Volunteer & Programs Coordinator

Laurie was born in Wyoming and raised in Colorado where her love of animals and nature was cultivated. She has been involved with the arts and teaching for the last 25 and has a passion for passing skills and a love for the arts to the next generation. 



Ruth had the privilege of growing up in Japan where a neighbor introduced her to Sashiko and Indigo. Both have remained a lifelong pursuit and passion. In her own unique style she loves to blend new techniques with the old that usually shows the influence of her years spent in Japan. Many of her classes focus on hand stitching, however, she also teaches garment construction, indigo dye classes, bag classes, and children’s classes. Ruth has authored two books and teaches at The Thread Lab and Textiles West in Colorado Springs, CO.