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Stitching Community Together: North Location

  • November 14, 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Textiles West North 6545 N. Academy Blvd Colorado Springs Co
  • 6


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Textiles West invites you and your community to be a part of our first community project!

Share your story, your culture or your favorite experiences of the Pikes Peak Region. 

Be a part of a textile installation that represents the diversity of cultures within our local communities.

Join the conversation and let your panel speak volumes!

Individuals and small groups, organizations and businesses can create Pojagi panels using fibers, fabrics, thread, trims and embellishments. We will show you how easy it is. 

The Tradition:

A Bojagi also spelled Pojagi, is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth. Traditional Korean Folk religions believed that keeping something wrapped protected good luck.  Food was often present under a bojagi cloth. They were also used for transporting items.

Bojagi were originally made from worn out clothing or leftover bits from other sewing. Fibers used were cotton, silk and ramie. Ramie is a fiber made from Chinese nettle also known as China Grass.  Ramie is older than cotton and was considered a luxury fabric for the working class. Silk and treasured embroidery bits from a sleeve or neckline were often preserved and recycled into these new beautiful wrapping cloths.

The Supplies:

For our project you can use clothing, new fabric, vintage fabric, fiber scraps from any other project. If you need supplies contact us and we will help! Traditionally fabrics used are sheer and crisp but that isn’t a requirement. We encourage the use of clothing and upcycled fabrics.

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